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eBev invites Producers to take a greater role on eBev

eBev invites Producers to take a greater role on eBev
May 8, 2020 Sahra Douglas

To the operators in the wineries, breweries, distilleries and cideries of Australia,

I am contacting you to introduce you to eBev, the largest independent digital marketplace for wholesale beverages in the Australian market.
eBev has been operating for the last five years and we provide a single sign in trade portal for Licensed Venues (predominately on premise) to access all their beverage suppliers. This includes a mix of Wholesalers, Distributors, Importers, Wine Producers, Brewers and Distillers. Our marketplace has 70,000+ products from more than 650 suppliers around Australia, covering all beverage categories (beer, wine, spirits, RTDs, cider & non alcoholic etc).
It is entirely possible that some of you may already be familiar with us, whilst for others, this may be the first time hearing about eBev. We likely already have some, or all, of your products on eBev. This would be very likely in the case that you have a Distributor representing your brands nationally or in some states and their customers are ordering via eBev.
Set up an account, ensure your portfolio is available and enrich your product information
We recognise that as a Producer of beverages, you are responsible for making, branding and marketing of your products. In some cases, where you sell wholesale directly into the market, you may also be what we describe as a supplier (a traditional style Distributor also falls into this category).
We would like to invite you to register an account with eBev. This allows you to manage the content around your brand and products and includes things like your logo, product images, tasting notes, awards and accolades etc. This makes your products more attractive to the audience of on premise buyers, after all people buy with their eyes. In the case that you have a Distributor, this will help them. As you can imagine, they have many different brands and products in their portfolio and managing all the content can be an overwhelming task!

Our buyer network

For the sake of clarity, a marketplace is not just a directory, it requires an established audience of active buyers connecting with engaged suppliers.  

eBev has venues from all around Australia using the portal every week for their beverage ordering. The value of orders being pumped through eBev annually exceeds 9 digits (yes, $100’s of millions) from the likes of Rockpool Dining Group, Australian Venue Company and hundreds of other venues. 
eBev delivers an integrated, end to end, streamlined beverage ordering process for venues which reduces their manual handling by sending venue order data into their accounting system and pushing inventory into their Point Of Sale system. 
On premise channel
We understand that the wholesale beverage supply channel is an intricate network of trading relationships with each participant having a different point of view. Up until now we have had limited interaction with Producers of beverage products. Our focus has been with the suppliers of beverages, for example Wholesalers, Importers and Distributors. 
An industry wide corona hangover
Over the last few weeks, the team at eBev has been doing a lot of listening to understand what the current situation means for each of the different stakeholders in the beverage supply chain. 
Now that our industry has been forced to a standstill, we all have the opportunity to re-evaluate how we operate. It is fair to say that we have found (almost universally) that everyone we speak to thinks the industry needs to adapt to survive. What worked previously isn’t going to work in the same way moving forward. 
As an industry wide problem, to move the needle, we really need to get all the participants pulling in the same direction.  
What does this mean for Producers of beverage products?
We have some ideas about what this means for Producers of beverage products. This includes potentially offering licensed venues the convenience of more choice via eBev by purchasing directly from Producers for those Producers who do not have access to a traditional Distributor route to market and are able to facilitate the delivery of their stock.
Kind regards,
Ian Harris