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eBev’s launches new search and product pages

eBev’s launches new search and product pages
June 5, 2020 Sahra Douglas
eBev new search and product pages
Our developers have been hard at work and we are excited to share with you our sleek, new look, Search and Product pages which have been launched in our user’s account today.
Making it easier for you to find products and suppliers
We have given our search engine a fresh new look and improved the technology to make it even faster!

Quick searching

We have maintained the search bar in the header which is accessible from any page. Simply type in details of what you are looking for – it could be a product, a supplier or a region. There is a new predictive preview drop-down to assist you to narrow down your search. After typing in details for your search, hit enter and search results will be presented.


Search engine locations

Simply go to Find Products > Search or click on the magnifying glass in the quick search bar. Access the different filters down the left-hand side of the page to narrow your search.

New look search results
You will notice that each product is presented with each of the suppliers that have the product available in your market listed underneath. To order the product, simply expand the desired supplier on the right-hand side. You can select your quantity and add to cart or add to your list for future quick ordering. 
Search by Supplier
If you want to narrow your search to only access one particular supplier, select your desired supplier from the first drop down filter called ‘Supplier’. Once you have selected your supplier there is a handy quick search bar that allows you to search products from that portfolio. 
Detailed information on the Product pages
We have also improved the design on the Product Pages to make it more user friendly. There is even a new section which presents you with ‘Similar Products’ to help you browse and discover new products. Don’t currently have an account? Click on our register button at the top of this page.