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Licensed Venues

Licensed venues have a tough time dealing with multiple suppliers, many relationships, negotiating various deals and placing orders in many different formats.

eBev provides purpose built solution for the Beverage market to make our inherently complex industry simple.

eBev for Venue Groups

As a group of venues, eBev is a single sign in ordering portal for all your beverage suppliers nationally with traditional purchase ordering features giving you group level oversight and control and is free to use.

It also has advanced features to enable you to run your beverage program centrally in a decentralised ordering environment which will enable you to spend more time working with your team and suppliers on creating experiences for your customers.

eBev delivers an integrated, end to end, streamlined beverage ordering process for venues which reduces their manual handling by sending venue order data into their accounting system and pushing inventory into their Point Of Sale system.


Independent Venues

As an independent operator, eBev is all about empowering you to get back to doing what you love, creating experiences for your customers.

We do this by providing access to tools which remove the time spent on admin in a single simple interface which is accessible 24×7 from anywhere.

From ordering all your beverages to saving your favourites in a list to digitising your invoice so your accountant can receive and process them digitally, eBev is there to help and is free to use.

Multi Supplier Ordering

  • One-Stop-Shop, save time and manage beverage supply from multiple suppliers in one trade portal
  • Order online at anytime, from anywhere on mobile, desktop or tablet. Track order confirmation and expected delivery from multiple suppliers

eCommerce Marketplace

  • Access a full market portfolio, over 65,000 products – the largest and most comprehensive in Australia.
  • Easily search by price, region, category and many more filters and identify who supplies what product in your market

Procurement Control

  • Lock down access to your preferred suppliers and agreed set of products
  • Control spend 
  • Configure users settings to give multiple levels of roles & permissions
  • Visibility and oversight of all your businesss beverage ordering information

Detailed product pages

  • Learn more about and be sure what you are buying with eBev’s single source of the truth
  • Access product information and tasting notes

Invoices and Credits

  • Never have an invoice or credit go missing again. All available in the eBev invoice inbox. Your accounts team will love it!
  • Request a credit direct to your supplier through eBev

Favourites and Lists

  • Save your favourites and lists to speed up your ordering and make sure that everyone in your venue knows what to order and from which supplier

Insights and Reporting

  • Understand your beverage spend, by supplier and product, with eBev’s powerful reporting tool


  • Remove manual handling of entering invoices, integrate and automate sending this information through to your POS and accounting system

Access to credit applications

  • Download and apply for credit with multiple suppliers from the eBev interface