eBev offers benefits to both venues and suppliers, providing a more efficient way of doing business.

Licensed venues such as restaurants, bars and independent liquor stores can set up a free account and register with an active liquor licence which allows them access to the world of wholesale wines and beverages. Suppliers, including Distributors and their Sales Reps can also create an account, access their portfolio of wines and beverages and view their venue's orders. We will continue to release a range of other efficiency tools very soon.

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Easy Ordering

Weekly beverage orders take an average of 10 minutes using eBev. Save time and streamline your weekly beverage ordering process by using eBev. eBev can replicate your beverage list and manage the 'back-end' of sending POs to suppliers whilst also copying in your Sales Reps with a few clicks. Reduce the number of emails, phone calls and text messages you make to order your beverages and do this from one place, your personal eBev account.

Search the Entire Market

eBev digitally aggregates the portfolios of wine and beverage suppliers in your market, giving you access to the world of wholesale wines in one place - over 23,000 wines across 200 suppliers listed on eBev. You can browse the wine database across many handy filters including price (LUC), variety, region, vintage or by supplier/distributor.

Product Information

Learn everything there is to know about your products; wholesale pricing, tasting notes, accolades and producer & distributor information.


Create a digital version of your beverage lists, allowing you to sort by supplier and calculate your gross profits. Save your ordering history and keep track of the wine and beverages you currently have available as well as organise and plan future seasonal wine and beverage lists.

Save Your Favourites

Create your personal tasting notes and ratings for easy reference next time you are updating your wine and beverage lists. Your preferences are saved to your personal profile so you can keep these throughout your career. We also know that you might manage multiple venues, soon we will be launching the ability to link your account to multiple venues and you can toggle between them as required.

Coming Soon

Universal credit application
Trade Tasting Events calendar
Training Documentation


Access your portfolio of wine brands in digital format, keep product information up to date and make sure your wines are in front of active buyers.

Detailed product information

Enhance your product information and help promote your portfolio by adding product images, tasting notes, awards and accolades.

View orders

Be notified of new customer orders and view all the historical data and purchase history of your accounts.

Sales leads

Buyers are able to contact suppliers directly with sales enquiries for new products.

Coming Soon

Additional efficiency to manage your Portfolio
System Integratons
Ad Real Estate throughout the site

In the press

“...Sydney-based beverage inventory management start-up eBev has raised $1.5 million in its first seed round, led by Sydney Angels, to help the platform expand interstate and build out its product offering...“

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“..eBev which solves the problems of multiple suppliers by aggregating the portfolios of wine and beverage suppliers in Australia to make it easier for licensed restaurants, bars and retailers to search the wholesale marketplace and send purchase orders to multiple suppliers who are all in one place...“

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“..A free tool for the wine trade, eBev allows anyone with a liquor license to create an account and access the wholesale wine marketplace in one location...“

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eBev connects hospitality beverage buyers with all of the beverage suppliers in their market.

Members can buy, sell, compare, shortlist, order, transact, manage inventory, analyze performance and communicate on eBev.

All your beverage needs are now available on one easy to use modern platform.


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